Commercial Laundry

Get Professional Commercial Laundry Services in the South and East Auckland

For many businesses and companies in the East Auckland area, staying on top of the laundry is essential to their day to day operations. A bad review due to dirty linen or bedsheets can spell disaster for a hotel or restaurant! If cleanliness really counts in your business, speak to Quality Assured Launderers today. Since 1988 we've been providing local businesses the very best when it comes to commercial laundry services in the South and East Auckland.

With every job we undertake we liaise with the client to tailor a customised laundry solution that will meet all your requirements. From bedsheets to table cloths, napkins to uniforms, if you need it clean we can get the job done right. To discuss just how we can help you, please contact Quality Assured Launderers today.

Laundry Services for the Hospitality Industry

At Quality Assured Launderers, we are certified launderers for the food industry. If you are running a busy restaurant or cafe, we can help you to keep your tea towels, uniforms, table cloths and napkins pristine.

To find out more, please speak to one of our laundry experts today.
Laundry for hospitality industry
Employee folding the washed clothes

Laundry Services for the Accommodation Industry

In the hotel, accommodation and campervan industries, not having clean linen can be disastrous to an establishment's reputation. Quality Assured Launderers can thoroughly clean all your linen, uniforms and kitchen linen at highly reasonable rates.
Industrial Laundry
Speak to the experts at Quality Assured Launderers for all your commercial 
laundry needs.
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