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Your Commercial and Industrial Laundry Experts in South and East Auckland

When it comes to keeping hospitals and hotels in clean sheets and linen, providing sports clubs and schools with freshly laundered uniforms or making sure that the day's grime is always scrubbed clean from a factory's work-wear, you can depend on Quality Assured Launderers. We simply won't be beaten on price or service and can cater for all of your commercial or industrial laundry needs. For a free quote, please do not hesitate to call our friendly team in South and East Auckland.


The team at Quality Assured Launderers specialises in cleaning all types of industrial garments including overalls, dust coats and smocks. 

If you are in need of extra industrial garments, you can rent them from us at a reasonable rate.
School nurse


Cleanliness and attention to strict hygiene protocols is essential in a clinical environment. Quality Assured Launderers can launder all your hospital or healthcare clinic’s linen, specialised healthcare products and medical garments.

You can even rent healthcare garments and linen from us if need be.

Extra Products and Services

Our extra products and services include:
  • Wash-rooms: Towels, tea towels, hand towels, roller towels, air fresheners and hygiene services 
  • Floor-care: Cleaning for dust control mats, including logo mats and anti-fatigue mats
  • Air-filters: Cleaning for industrial and air conditioner filters
  • Gloves: All cotton or rubber gloves can be expertly cleaned
  • Rags: Rewash services available
Fresh, clean towels

Sports Gear

With Quality Assured Launderers on the job you can be sure that the uniforms and gear for your sports club, school or cultural club are always fresh and clean for the next game or event.
Commercial Laundry
For affordable and reliable industrial laundry services, contact Quality Assured Launderers today.
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